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Where to Go in Delray Beach - My hometown!
My favorite Restaurants, Bars, Live Music spots and places to stay are all here. I love Delray!

What can I say…this is my home turf. I lived in Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale for 8 years prior to moving to Delray, and I love living in Palm Beach County. I’ve been in Delray Beach for 9 years and it’s a great place to be. We have a happenin’, really nice downtown and beautiful Intracoastal views. We’ve got excellent restaurants and nightlife. It’s sweet to be just 20 minutes from downtown West Palm Beach (Clematis Street, the Kravis Center, City Place)…and just 25 minutes from Fort Lauderdale. Then you have Boynton Beach & Lake Worth 10 to 15 minutes away. As you’ll notice, my site covers East of I-95 because I live east and so those are the places I frequent. Below are the places where I dine and play on a regular basis. I truly hope you have a great experience here.

Atlantic Avenue, the main street through town, is loaded with shops, cafes, art galleries and eateries galore! But also walk north on 2nd Ave through Pineapple Grove, where you will find more fabulous boutiques, restaurants, salons and other diversions. For something different, pop into Beads on the Avenue - a jewelry and beading store owned by my pal Tonia. Just a couple blocks north of Atlantic. Enjoy your stroll!

Another good site with Delray info including restaurant descriptions, events, available rental apartments, office space available, Delray happenings: http://www.liveindelray.com
And now, here's where to go for:
Casual dining/drinks
City Oyster on Atlantic Avenue in the heart of downtown Delray is a usually busy, friendly bar and restaurant with great food, especially the appetizers and sushi. Get half price appetizers at happy hour. They pour a good drink and have a nice wine selection, and it's one of those places where you can be in jeans or flip-flops or in nice clothes. Tell Wayne and Danny at the bar that Priscilla sent you... they are my pals!
213 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach - (561) 272-0220
One of the best kept secrets in Delray is the VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 4141. Open to the public Weds and Fri evenings and Sunday mornings. Go there on Wednesday evenings for delicious, home-cooked dinners for just $9. Friday evenings the bar is open to the public with really low priced drinks. Sunday mornings they serve a huge breakfast for just $8 til 11 AM. The commander and staff know me well so don't hesitate to mention my name. Thank you for supporting them.
On Federal Hwy (US1) just 4 blocks north of Linton Blvd, Delray Beach
DaDa is another eatery that is primarily casual but it's fine to be dressed up. Da Da has a very cool, hip kind of vibe... and is simply a funky place. It's like being at someone's house, with the bar in the living room. Sit in the cozy inside rooms or you can sit in their courtyard, strung with lanterns and white lights. The food is great --- try the grilled brie or the crabcake. And I love the fact that they know how to make a good espresso martini. On Swinton Ave. one block north of Atlantic Ave. Sometimes they have live music on weekends and during the week you’ll find things like poetry readings, magician night, or Open Jams.
52 N Swinton Ave, Delray Beach - (561) 330-3232
Boston’s on the Beach
This landmark pub and eatery features TVs and bar food downstairs and an ocean view with finer menu upstairs. I like both floors! The food is always good and the service is, also. You can valet in the rear of the building or try your luck at an A1A meter.
40 S. Ocean Blvd., Delray Beach, FL 33483   (866) 493-4632
Upscale dining/drinks
The Sundy House, (pronounced Sun-dee) named after Delray's first mayor, is an absolutely beautiful place to have dinner or just wine or a cocktail... maybe an appetizer. When you go there, you must stroll the tropical gardens... wander down every path and make sure you check out the natural swimming pool on the south side of the property. I've done many events there including weddings, and everyone raves about the beauty and atmosphere of this place. It is also a small hotel. To arrange a romantic weekend there, use my concierge service and I will take care of everything and get you a perk or two. The Sundy House is known for their Sunday brunch -- pricey but excellent. One block south of Atlantic Ave. with valet parking. It looks like a historic home. I've done weddings there - it's perfect for upscale events!
106 S Swinton Ave, Delray Beach - (561) 272-5678
Walk north on Swinton from Sundy House and you'll come to a little cozy gem - Jimmy's Bistro. Owner-Chef Jimmy loves to cook - and it shows. The menu changes nightly and the food is outstanding. Tell him Priscilla sent you and you may get some extra wine in your glass. :) (561) 865-5774

If you find yourself eating the same things when you go out to eat, try a restaurant with Latin flair. Cabana El Rey on Atlantic Avenue just east of Swinton has outstanding food and some of my favorites are the empanadas, paella, and tapas de hongas. They also make a great mojito and chewing on that stick of sugar cane is a great stress reliever. Sit outside or in – to me the best spot is sitting outside at the open bar window.
105 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach - (561) 274-9090
There are numerous Italian restaurants in Delray Beach, and most of them are quite good. But if I am asked, I tell people to go to Sazio, on Atlantic Ave. The pastas and sauces are delicious, and the menu has a variety of other items. Good pizza - I only wish I could get it at midnight when I'm walking the Ave and craving it!!
131 East Atlantic Avenue  Delray Beach, FL 33444   (561) 272-5540
Cut 432 has a nice vibe at Happy Hour and I love the inexpensive tapas served at the bar til 7 PM. They do a darn good job on that little Caesar salad. Good bartenders, good food, just a bit pricey. This is a great stop for dining my favorite way...a drink and an appetizer at each place! If you like martinis, you'll be happy here.
432 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483  (561) 272-9898
I often get asked where to go for seafood. J & J Seafood Restaurant on the 700 block of Atlantic Ave., South side, is an excellent choice. Small, cozy, with good service and a nice menu that will please any fish or seafood lover. Good wines too! Prices on the higher side.
634 E Atlantic Ave Delray Beach, FL 33483  (561) 272-3390
Live music
While it's not hard to find one person singing and playing guitar or keyboard at the bars and restaurants of downtown Delray Beach, it is challenging to find live bands to go and listen to. Also, by listing on this site which places have live music on what days or nights, I risk the information becoming incorrect fairly quickly, because I find that bars and restaurants change their entertainment lineup frequently. So, what I’ve done is list for you those places where you are most likely to find a live band on weekends, typically Thursday night through Sunday. I apologize in advance if you visit one of these establishments and they do not have live music on the weekends. You may want to call before you go.
Boston's on the Beach, referenced above as a casual place to eat and drink, gets some very good live bands on weekends and is known for their Monday night reggae band. On A1A just south of Atlantic Avenue.
The Bull Bar at Swinton & Atlantic gets a mostly younger crowd (under 40), and is a small, often crowded place. However on weekend nights they consistently have very talented musicians and singers doing mostly cover music and, happily for me, including some alternative --and older alternative-- rock. Ladies night is Wednesday, as of this writing.
2 E Atlantic Ave Delray Beach, FL 33444 (561) 274-8001
DaDa, also referenced above as a good place to eat and hang out, gets some very nice bands and good live bands Thurs, Fri, Sat. nights.
52 N Swinton Ave, Delray Beach - (561) 330-3232
Pineapple Groove - a new music club featuring touring bands and musicians
For serious music lovers! This bar and concert venue sits one door north of Atlantic Ave. at the RR tracks, downtown Delray (behind Johnny Browns). Visit pineapplegroove.com to view upcoming acts. Good drinks, fun waitstaff. 
Il Bacio, referenced above for drinking and dancing and dining, has a big stage, a large dance area, and when they do get a band --- it's a great place to party. They have been having DJs or bands on Fri and Sat nights, reggae bands on Sunday eve.
29 SE 2nd Ave Delray Beach, FL 33444   (561) 865-7783
For the late 40’s and up crowd, the Colony Hotel on the 500 block of Atlantic Avenue is worth mentioning, because on Friday and Saturday nights they have an individual performer who sings, plays music and entertains the crowd who sits --- and dances --- on the porch.
525 E. Atlantic Avenue, downtown Delray - (561) 276-4123
Off the beaten path is O'Connor's Irish pub --- a bit north of Atlantic Ave. in Pineapple Grove. On Friday and Saturday nights they often have good rock, country, or Irish bands. This is a great little place if you like a pub atmosphere. It’s small but if it gets too jammed, there are picnic tables out on the sidewalk.
210 NE 2nd St, Delray Beach, Florida.  561-330-0022
Hurricanes at 7th Ave on the south side of Atlantic Ave (next to /behind Sonoma) gets good bands on weekends. 45-and-under crowd. I love Justin Enco!
Kevro Art Bar on 2nd Ave, 2 blocks south of Atlantic Ave, is a funky, unique indoor bar with outdoor party space (and a ping pong table!) and always cool art on display. Some really good musicians, bands, and DJs pass thru the place - call and see who is playing on the weekends. 
I strongly encourage people to get up and dance anywhere that music is being played or any type of musical performer is present. However, I've learned that most people don't share my desire --- or ability? --- to dance just anywhere, in any bar or restaurant. Therefore, when people say “where can we go to dance”, I always have to stop and really think about it. There aren't a whole lot of choices in Delray Beach at least not in East Delray and downtown (there are probably a couple of places West of I-95).
But here goes:
Deluxe is the only real nightclub that we have on the Avenue. It doesn't get busy till after 10 p.m. and the majority of the crowd is under 35. But, I never let that stop me from going in and shaking my booty with the youngsters. I always see a few forty-somethings in there as well.
16 E. Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach, FL 33444   561-279-4792
Caliente Kitchen will get you moving late night. Nice margarita bar.
8 E Atlantic Ave, Downtown Delray  (561) 272-8220
For a big, open, outdoor dance floor, Il Bacio --- the Italian restaurant/South Beach-style nightclub --- is a great dance spot. On Friday and Saturday nights after 10 p.m., the courtyard dance floor gets busy. You can dance indoors also where there is often a DJ.
29 SE 2nd Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444  (561) 865-7783
People often getup and dance to the bands at the Blue Anchor, an English pub that often gets an individual singer/entertainer or band on Wednesday through Sunday afternoons and evenings. The Blue Anchor is on the south side Atlantic Ave. just west of the intracoastal bridge, and they do make a pretty good order of fish and chips. Definitely casual.
804 E Atlantic Ave - Delray Beach, FL 33483   (561) 272-7272

Great DJ and Dancing can be found at Solita in Pineapple Grove!
25 NE 2nd Ave - One of my regular stops anytime I'm out and about in downtown Delray. The food is outstanding (try the discounted appetizers at happy hour) and the vibe is hip. I love to dance and was happy to find good dancing and DJ after 10:30 PM. You've gotta try the pepper poppers (not fried- yay!) and the Shrimp Solita.
You can dance at Boston's when they have a band (see it listed above)
“We just want to drink” – Good Delray Beach Bars
Let's face it... sometimes you don't care about food. And you don't even need to dance. You just want a good martini. Or a good glass of wine. Or an ice cold beer in a frosty mug. I truly enjoy drinking --- probably as much as I enjoy eating --- and after being out four nights a week for 14 years-plus in South Florida, I've discovered some great drinking holes in every town. Here are my picks for “the Best Drinking in Delray”.
The Sail Inn on George Bush Blvd. just east of Federal Hwy. northbound is a great locals joint to have an affordable drink or beer (not wine, my wine friends). They actually still let the customers choose the music by being one of the few places to still have a jukebox... and it's a good one. They also have that fun but frustrating ring game where you try to get it on the hook. No food there so don’t go hungry. Smoking allowed.
657 NE 8th St Delray Beach, FL 33483  (561) 276-5147
The Frog is a darn good place to grab a beer or a drink and you'll think you're in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Ohio when you step inside this fun neighborhood bar. Dark wood paneling on the walls, and frog-printed fabric for curtains, complete with pool table in the back – The Frog just does it for me when I'm in the mood for “a regular bar”. They also have great lunches. This bar is on Federal Hwy. just north of George Bush Blvd.
1325 North Federal Highway Delray Beach  561.272.5848
Another good another good place to have a drink is Pepe's Hideaway, tucked into the north side of Atlantic Ave. just east of the intracoastal. It's easy to miss it but there is a sign out on the sidewalk. Pool tables, cold beer, decent prices. A local’s hangout/sports bar.
1045 E Atlantic Ave Delray Beach, FL 33483  (561) 276-3570
Want wine?
i'd love to open a true wine bar in Delray but until I get a $400,000 windfall, I'll keep my day job. :)  There is a wine bar in Pineapple Grove called Joseph's that you can check out but the per-glass price is a bit high. Another good place to have a nice glass of wine is 32 East, an upscale restaurant on the south side of Atlantic just a few doors east of Swinton. I should also mention Olio, two blocks south of Atlantic on 2nd Avenue --- good Italian food, and always pouring good wines, with an impressive “wine room” that you can use for parties. Note that the Pineapple Grove district lines 2nd Ave as you head north from Atlantic Avenue.It's full of cool stores and cafe's. Brulee' Bistro for lunch or a vino is great! You can also have a nice wine at Cafe De France at 110 East Atlantic Ave.
Oh and one more: La Boheme Bistro on Atlantic Ave just east of Gleason St. Great wines, delicious food, and Chris is a true professional bartender. He's friendly, happy, and on top of your empty glass!
Martini, anyone? If you love a good martini like I do, then here are a few places for you:
The Falcon House on Federal Hwy. northbound --- which is Sixth Ave. --- just north of Atlantic Ave., is known for their tapas menu and a variety of flavored martinis. I like the Flirtini… but then, I like them all.
116 NE 6th Ave Delray Beach   (561) 243-9499
City Oyster, listed above, also pours a nice martini and has the good olives. Falcon House sometimes has good live musicians on the weekends, FYI.
Another great restaurant that pours good martinis, cocktails and good wine is called La Cigale and is located on Federal Hwy. less than a mile south of Atlantic Ave. They have delicious appetizers and a diverse menu with a lot of Mediterranean inspired dishes. Like hummus or mousaka? Also they have lovely private rooms here and I’m happy to book them for you. I regularly hold events here and highly recommend it. Great service.
253 SE 5th Ave (Federal Hwy southbound) - (561) 265-0600
Cut 432 does a good job on martinis and has reduced drink and food prices (love those little apps!) during happy hour. 432 E. Atlantic Ave.
Waterfront Stops in Delray
In Delray Beach if you want to sit by the water's edge, the benches at Veterans Park on the Intracoastal are great. (You can also have a wedding ceremony at the Gazebo there – see my wedding planning website). If you want to sit by the water with a drink in your hand or you'd like an appetizer, then Old Calypso is a nice bar and restaurant to visit. You'll get discounted drinks and free food at happy hour during the week. You can dine indoors and view the boats going by through the windows or you can sit out on the deck. Old Calypso is on the east side of the Intracoastal bridge and they also serve an awesome Sunday brunch. Crowd is mature.
900 E Atlantic Ave # 22, Delray   561-279-2300
For Oceanside breakfast or lunch, I recommend Luna Rosa at A1A, just south of Atlantic Ave. Can you say toasted coconut French toast? Yum! Good eggs benedict and omelettes.
34 S Ocean Blvd., Delray at the beach   (561) 274-9404
Crane’s BeachHouse Tiki Bar
There’s a great Tiki bar down by the sea. The only waterview is of the pool and waterfall, but this is still a great pitstop one block from the beach. They do not serve food, but they have beer, wine, champagne, and a variety of bottled drinks such as margaritas and hard lemonade. The Tiki bar is just south of Atlantic Avenue. This is also a boutique hotel – see below. Say hi to my pal Dymin singing her heart out on Fri. evenings. :)
82 Gleason St. (east of the Intracoastal)  561 - 278 -1700
The Lady Atlantic
I like being a tourist in my own town. I took the sightseeing cruise and learned a bit about Delray Beach. This is a beautiful yacht that offers public cruises (brunch, dinner) or you can reserve a private or semi private charter for events. I've done a nice rehearsal dinner on board - and we hired a musician for entertainment - it was great. The ship docks at the West side of the Intracoastal in Veteran's Park, downtown Delray Beach. Website:  ladyatlantic.com
Places to Stay in Delray
Delray has plenty of hotels including chain hotels like the Marriott. My recommendation is, as always, to stay at a private hotel that offers more character and uniqueness than a chain. My favorites for a one- or two-night “Delray Vacay”:
Wright By the Sea
This gem of a place is on the ocean, with wonderful grounds that include a large tiki hut, grill and patio area, lawn area and nice pool, croquet and ping pong area with shuffleboard courts and basketball hoop. Enjoy the uncrowded beach and the tropical breezes rustling the many palms. Rooms are very clean and nicely furnished, with small kitchen areas that are stocked (with dishes, cooking utensils, etc.) and very reasonable rates. I’ve done many weddings here and if you want to do a party here or just a gathering of two – I’m happy to plan an exceptional time for you. Just contact me about affordable concierge services. Ask for Tammy when you call and she’ll be good to you.
1901 S Ocean Blvd., Delray Beach, FL 33483  (561) 278-3355
Crane’s BeachHouse
Crane’s is a quaint, very tropical, really nice small hotel with 27 rooms and two lush courtyards both with pools. Some of the rooms are pet-friendly – yay! And the tiki bar (mentioned above) is open on Thurs. through Sat. nights. Rooms and apartments are island-furnished with colorful murals on the walls. You’ll find a hammock in the shade if you wander outside. You will feel like you are on an island if you stay here. Feel free to tell them I sent you. My good friend Lori is sometimes at the front desk and a wealth of local knowledge herself.
82 Gleason Street, Delray by the beach   (561) 276 - 1700
The Seagate Hotel
A new, lovely, full service hotel with a fabulous bar and restaurant and spa! Has a 'South Beach', sophisticated feel. And when you stay there, you have use of the beach club - oceanfront restaurant, bar, cabanas, and pool. Really great! The Atlantic Grille Restaurant is worth a visit on its own.
1000 E Atlantic Ave Delray Beach, FL 33483 (877) 577-3242
Colony Hotel
The Colony is a lovely, historic property dating back to the early 40s and well, think “Casablanca”. Spanish style building with a big open lobby and wonderful hardwood and terrazzo floors. The hotel has embraced the “Green” movement, which I like. Guests here get to enjoy the beach club that is a quick drive down A1A and features oceanfront dining and cabanas. Nice off-season rates (May to November) and a neat little porch / patio bar - say hi to my buddy Jorge at the bar.  525 E. Atlantic Ave.
The Breakers
Just next door to Wright by the Sea is the Breakers apartment motel on the beach and when I hosted my family reunion here, several family members stayed here and just loved it. Clean, affordable rooms and a nice pool just steps from the ocean.
1875 S Ocean Blvd, Delray Beach, FL 33483   (561) 278-4501
NOTE: Priscilla does a lot of fun events in and around Delray that are open to the public. Visit the Upcoming Events page!

Delray Beach – “Other”
Outside of our fantastic nightlife, dining, entertainment and places to stay – Delray Beach has some other cool things about it, too. Here are my “Random Recommendations” for when you get sick of eating and drinking. (Yeah-r-rRIGHT!)
-Sit on a bench at Veteran’s Park on the Intracoastal and watch the boats go buy. Or jump on a boat and ride one yourself – Delray Yacht Cruises docks there! Call the Lady Atlantic and tell Meghan that Priscilla sent you and you may get a few dollars off your cruise.
-See a play at Crest Theatre (at historic Old School Square, downtown) or at the Delray Beach Playhouse (quaint, good theatre, and on a lovely lake! Take a baby wine to sip before or after in the Pavilion there)
-Our St. Patty’s day parade RULES! Too much fun. New Year’s Eve downtown is a blast, too.
-The Delray Affair in April is a stunning array of… STUFF! And food, art, pets, people… just great. You need a full day (maybe two) to take it in.
-The beach at Linton Blvd is less crowded and so scenic! Just take your own food and bev cause stores are 5 blocks west on Federal Hwy.
-Note that Linton Blvd & Federal Hwy (south of Atlantic Ave) is where many chain stores and restaurants are located (Carraba’s, Applebees, Chipolte Grill, Sports Authority, PetSmart, and more). The Marshall's plaza at Linton and Federal Hwy has a few good spots:
Fratelli's Italian Restaurant, a good sushi restaurant, and a great bagel deli called "BAGELS WITH !" 
-Old School Square often has events and festivals of all types on the grounds - check their website anytime to see what's coming up. oldschool.org
**If you want a fun night or weekend in Delray Beach for any reason, any amount of people from 2 to 100, just ask me! I love to play Pied Piper in this town!  See Concierge Service page.**